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Welcome to the official Lars&Rosa™ fanpage! Here you can find everything there is to know about Rosa. Did you know for example that Rosa is actually the pet pig of Lars. Together they are Lars&Rosa and they are best buds. Lars&Rosa love eating donuts together, sharing their every fart on Facebook and Instagram, napping and watching waaaay to much Youtube video's. But they also like to do active things. Lars loves to invent new gadgets all the time and Rosa is always curious what he will create next.

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Lars&Rosa love social media and are texting each other constantly. So thats why they of course need to have their own stickers. Lars&Rosa have many stickers packs for a lot of different chat apps. Have a look and see if your favorite chat app is amoung them.

Lars&Rosa are made everyday with a lot of love, hard work and dedication. Lars&Rosa have no financial backing and try to grow by staying AWESOME all the time. We are the rebels :D If you want please support us so we can keep Lars&Rosa going for many years to come :D Thank you!

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